Cardiac Rehab

After your cardiac event you may wonder if you can get back to living normally. Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) at Kinisi is a medically supervised program that will help you recover both physically and emotionally from your event and assist you in improving your health and well-being.

Our cardiac rehab team will help you:

  • Recover after a heart attack or heart surgery
  • Prevent future hospital stays and heart problems
  • Address risk factors you may have such as high cholesterol, weight, diabetes, smoking, lack of physical activity, depression or other emotional health concerns
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life

During rehab you will learn how to:

  • Exercise safely and increase your physical activity
  • Follow a heart healthy diet
  • Reduce your risk factors
  • Improve your emotional health


Your rehab team will work closely with you to create a plan that works for you. Over time the lifestyle changes you make during rehab will become routine and help you maintain a reduced risk for future heart problems.