Speech Therapy Specialist

Erik Belgum, MA/CCC-SLP

Erik Belgum, MA/CCC-SLP

Speech Therapist

About Erik

What are your areas of expertise?

  • I work with all ages and with all types of speech and swallowing difficulties.
  • I’ve worked extensively with people who have had a stroke and experience difficulty speaking or swallowing.
  • I also have expertise with pediatric language and speech difficulties.
  • I’m trained in the use of Vital Stim, used to improve swallow function, and in the LOUD program which we use to improve speech in people with Parkinson’s disease.

What are your areas of special interest?

I was drawn to a rural practice in order to be able to work as a generalist, so, in that sense, I don’t really have a special interest as a speech therapist. One day, I saw back-to-back patients who were 102 years apart in age. I believe being a generalist makes me a better therapist because I have a broader view of how different approaches can work.

What is your approach to patient care?

My philosophy is that life should be fun. Therapy is about improving your quality of life and it should be fun.

What drew you to the St. Croix Valley?

My wife and I were living in Minneapolis and wanted to make a big change. We were either going to move to New York or live out in the country. We’ve now lived in the St. Croix Valley for 18 years. This area has a different look than a lot of the rural Midwest. I’ve always loved the terrain out here.